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3 from behind
Norrie & Sandy at start
42 On the rocks again
Alan leading 2
02 Day1
Norrie Loch Lomond
Track just disappeared
06 Alan in the water
November 2020 Bikes Slider
Time for a rest
On the beemers


A few years ago three of us were out for a Sunday run on our bikes when we pulled into a tearoom on the shores of Loch Lomond. We parked the bikes and strolled over to one of the outdoor tables.

When we removed our helmets the woman at the next table started to laugh, and when challenged, she explained that as we had ridden into the car park her husband had commented on the smart looking bikes.

“But”, she went on, “ YOU’RE OLD MEN!”

On that sunny morning we were truly identified as “Old Men On Bikes”, and we are still going strong.


November 2007